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Wedding Time!

Are you ready to plan your wedding day makeup? Look no further! Scheduling a bridal trial with me is the first step to success. We'll perfect your wedding day makeup so you feel confident and look flawless all night!

How Do I Book?

There is a $25 non-refundable retainer to reserve your wedding date. This will ensure that your date is held prior to signing your contract, and covers unlimited communication through the planning process. First, fill out the form below to make sure your wedding date is available. Once that's confirmed, Ill hold your date for up to 1 week awaiting the retainer. When the retainer is paid, your date will be completely reserved, and we can go about scheduling a trial and/or figuring out an estimated cost and getting your contract signed. 

Bridal Trials 

Makeup trials are ideal for a stress-free wedding day. I recommend booking your trial around 3-6 months from your wedding day. They allow you to get to know your artist while also giving you a chance to see your dream look come to life! Knowing you feel confident in your makeup artist will help alleviate anxiety on your wedding day. Trials can be scheduled with me through the booking page, or by contacting me. They take approximately 2-3 hours; we'll go over my contract and any questions you may have after the makeup is perfected to your liking. Please include the date of your wedding when booking a trial!

A blank copy of my wedding contract will be sent to you via google docs once your trial is booked. You'll be able to view prices, read my policies, and edit the number of applications until 2 weeks from your wedding date. 

2024 Wedding Day Services and Prices

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Check wedding date availability!
Thanks! We'll get back to you shortly.

Tips from a pro!

  • Bring inspiration photos of makeup you like

  • If possible, wear a shirt that matches the neckline of your wedding dress to your trial!

  • Have an idea of what jewelry color you'll be wearing

  • Reserve your wedding date 6-9 months prior to your wedding and your trial 3-6 months prior

  • Book your makeup trial the same day as your hair trial and/or dress fitting to see the whole bridal look!

  • Take lots of selfies after

  • BE HONEST with your artist! Make sure you love it!

  • Take care of your skin! Wash your face after wearing makeup and moisturize every day. Facials are always a great idea to help alleviate stress and have your skin feeling great before the wedding!

  • Keep in mind your wedding day makeup services will take AT LEAST 45 minutes-1 hour per person to ensure perfection, meaning Ill be with you almost all morning up until your ceremony!

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