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Beauty & Special Effects Makeup Artist

Weddings - Events - Film & TV - Practical Effects & Prosthetics


Meet Megan, the Makeup Artist

I am your "one-stop-specialty-shop" for all your Makeup Artistry needs! I'm professionally trained in Makeup Artistry, with an extensive background in fine arts, and I LOVE my job. I discovered my passion for makeup artistry through my love of Halloween festivities and traditional art, and having the opportunity to work in a creative industry is a dream come true! I strive to show my love of art through my work and hope to create a positive makeup experience that my clients will remember!

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MUA Megan


I travel from Brevard County, FL, to anywhere in the state for makeup services! Rates, pricing, and travel info can all be found through the links below. If your makeup service needs are more complex, please reach out through the "Contact Me' page to inquire about details!

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Skills and Certifications

Beauty Makeup Artistry 

Vocational Academy of Makeup and Prosthetics (300 clock hours)

-Clean Beauty

-Soft Glam

-Dramatic Glam






-Color Correcting

-Tattoo Cover-Ups

-Male Corrective Beauty

Special Effects 

Vocational Academy of Makeup and Prosthetics

(880 Clock Hours)

-Dirt and grime


-Hair work

-Bald caps (latex and silicone)


-Old Age



-Mold-Making (stone, silicone, and fiberglass)


-Prosthetic creation and application (foam and silicone)

-Prosthetic removals

-Tattoo Transfers

-Blood gags

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