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Makeup Inspiration

Need any ideas for your booking? My Pinterest board has realistic, achievable makeup looks for all skin tones, age ranges, and styles. 


Clean Beauty

Light coverage, corrective but minimal makeup

The true "no makeup makeup" look. Quick and camera-ready. Great for those who don't wear any makeup, young teens, and males.


Soft Glam

Medium-full coverage, natural with a hint of glam

The most frequently requested makeup look. Just enough makeup to keep you feeling and looking like yourself, plus a little glam to accentuate your natural beauty! Great for those who occasionally wear makeup. Suits all ages and is best for photos, weddings/brides, proms, and more!


Dramatic Glam

Full to heavy coverage, dramatic accentuations

Best for those who wear lots of makeup on the daily. Perfect for a night out, performances, or photo shoots. You'll look and feel like a celebrity!


Now for the fun part: check out my Pinterest boards for some awesome makeup inspiration examples, categorized by skin tones. I'm always adding to them so feel free to give them a follow to see any new looks I pin!

When It comes to using Pinterest, or any social media for that matter, there's a lot of photoshopped makeup looks out there. Pinterest can be a great tool, but it's difficult to use when too many pics are photoshopped to uphold society's unachievable beauty standards. Many people don't know this or can't tell- and then they wonder why makeup looks so different in real life than in the Pinterest photos. That's why I curated my boards to have realistic, un-edited photos of makeup looks on difference skin tones. 

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